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Honest and open feedback should be considered a valuable gift

 – Unknown.


Ed Farris 

Marketing Strategy Leader

Q. Current business challenge I’m itching to help clients tackle/fix.

To help businesses define their “why” so true audience needs can be identified and translated into scalable and sustainable growth opportunities.

Q. Career highlight(s)

Being part of the first global marketing team at BP.

Q. Companies my work has supported

  • BP/Castrol

  • ExxonMobil

  • Momentive (formerly GE Silicones)

  • Sekisui Chemical 

  • EMCO Chemical

  • Valudor Products

momentive logo.png

Q. Favorite quote

“Honest and open feedback should be considered a valuable gift.”

                                 – Unknown

If a person is willing to offer you honest feedback, that means they really like or even love you!

Think about it: why would anyone waste their valuable time offering you what might sound like harsh feedback if they dislike you? If I care for you, on the other hand, I am much more likely to want to try and help you--even if it's just letting you know that you have spinach stuck in your teeth. 


The opposite of love isn't hate - it's ambivalence.

Q. People might be surprised to know that I...

Began my career as a professional photographer

Q. Best piece of business advice I ever received?

Always do what's right for the business. 

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