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“Don't go through life, grow through life ”

- Eric Butterworth 


Kurt Ghering

Senior Marketing Strategist and Mobility Lead

Q. Typical day 

There's nothing typical since COVID. But I do enjoy the melding of my personal and professional lives that it's brought.  Most of the time!

Q. Career highlight(s)

Launching the auto industry's first semi-autonomous vehicle for the freeway.

Q. Companies my work has supported

Chevrolet, GM Fleet & Commercial, Cadillac.


Q. Favorite quote

“Don't go through life, grow through life”

When I think about those who've truly influenced my life and helped form my values and character, I've found that they have a common trait in being passionate, continual learners. I admire that and strive to do the same every day. 

- Eric Butterworth

Q. People might be surprised to know that I...

I love road trips, and traveling anywhere. Near & far. It's about the people you meet. Some of the most interesting places I've been to so far are New Zealand, Morocco, and Shanghai. The funnest was a family road trip through Switzerland.    


Q. On Sunday morning you can find me…

Watching my favorite show "Sunday Morning" while reading the NY Times, and figuring out what adventures we can take later that afternoon.

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