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What's next is //NKST.

Transform your business and your brand with a growth acceleration agency

We’re here to help fearless organizations and growth-minded leaders know where to go next and how to make the necessary bold moves with confidence.

A New Model

A new model of partnership. A better way to work.

We’ve re-imagined how strategic consultancies and creative marketing agencies should work. The result is a new, working dynamic designed from the ground up to help you navigate the mounting levels of business complexity, market uncertainty and organizational change. 


Our high-performance team of professionals generously share their strategic know-how, creative expertise and contemporary technical skill sets to move business forward.


Together, we partner with companies to originate, implement and sustain strategies for value creation, differentiation, business transformation and growth. 


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CX Value

Not for nothing...your CX Strategy
better be something. 

In fact, it better be more than something. It needs to be exemplary, above expectations, as in new bar-setting levels of customer delight. Anything less and your customers will find another company to serve their needs.


You must purposefully design memorable, empathetic experiences that deliver on your brand promise in ways that customers feel, allowing you to advance your strategy for accelerating growth and profitability.      


Our Customer Experience workshop is led and facilitated by //NKST and the co-authors of the best-selling CX book, Woo, Wow, Win: Service Design, Strategy and the Art of Customer Delight.    


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Thought leaders think.
Action leaders do.
Inspiring leaders share.

We’re a team of marketing, brand, communication and entrepreneurial executives. We’ve been in the trenches. We’ve experienced the glory of success and learned from mistakes made along the way.


Individually, our wisdom is deep. Collectively, our experience is diverse. Together, we share our insights, our experiences and our thoughts on the present and the future of business transformation, brand evolution and customer growth. 


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What's the difference between your business and your brand?

To be honest, not that much. Your business should always be personal and your brand should always be human. It's a subtle difference that people only notice when you get it wrong. That's why it's so important to get it right.


That level of nuanced understanding can be tricky and it is the difference between winning and losing.

//NKST case study for chemical distribution company

EMCO Chemical 

Integrating brand and retail strategies for an omni-channel approach to drive sales. 

//NKST case study for NAW

North American Warhorse

Creating a social media community by reinforcing shared interests and mindsets. 


Legacy Manufacturing Company

Leveraging media and conferences to help a legacy brand protect our most precious natural resource: water. 

Case Studies

Come join us!

Love collaborating with a team of people who have lived it, worked it and know how to help clients get in front of it?

Want to contribute to the success of a diverse set of industries, categories and markets?


Want to excel in a "real" entrepreneurial company that practices design thinking, prefers continuous improvement over delayed perfection and values working hard as much as working smart?

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Come join us at //NKST in Summit, NJ
Come join the team at //NKST in their Summit, NJ office
Come join us at //NKST. Doug Longenecker posing as a giant butterfly in Summit, NJ
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