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Transforming accountability into assets
for a growing regional bank

The Challenge

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Coming out of the Great Recession, reputations of banks were tarnished. Fairly or unfairly, the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and subsequent economic downturn created a general sensibility that all banks were to blame. Even more troubling was the growing sentiment that banks couldn't be trusted anymore. That's when a bank "you can count on" doubled-down on accountability to compete for the hearts and minds of their customers and the people at large.

The Solution

Focusing on "accountability" to position the bank for short and long-term growth was a differentiator that was a natural extension of the brand that was familiar and believable at a critical time in the bank's and the country's financial outlook. 

By refining the brand's tagline to "Who can you count on today?" the bank posed a poignant question to people and customers alike. And, with a new bank president taking the reigns, the timing was right to be more transparent and more welcoming than ever before.

Image by Andre Taissin

The Results


Deposit Growth






*A part of  our team's collective wisdom, experiences, successes and passions obtained at other points along our professional journeys.

online sales doubled in first month of website relaunch

website generated more than 4x per month sales y-o-y

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