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Capturing value via conferences requires a coherent strategy and proven best practices

The Challenge


Fortune 500
Tech Compay

A global Fortune 500 technology company seeking to leverage speaking opportunities as a means to dominate industry conversations, lacked a coherent strategy and processes to guide and organize this activity. As a result, they were spending exorbitant amounts of money on event sponsorship with no way to maximize their time and resource investment, and without a way to measure results and capture ROI from these experiences.

The Solution

Created processes to track and act on speaking presentations and supplemental activities that support each speech, e.g., booth information, sales talking points and tools, networking meetings, media meetings.

Abstract Futuristic Background

The Results


established strategy and process for event outreach for executive team and bench of upcoming speakers, mapping their individual strengths to strategic platforms


high-value speaking opportunities were secured in the first six-months of the program 


saved the organization nearly $100K in sponsorship fees in Q3 and Q4 alone

*A part of  our team's collective wisdom, experiences, successes and passions obtained at other points along our professional journeys.

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