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Establishing a meaningful brand position
to create meaningful brand connections

The Challenge

Grovider logo3.png

An upstart professional services company was growing the start-up phase of their initial business trajectory and needed help getting to the next level. They knew exactly who they were and exactly where they wanted to go. They also recognized they needed help to figure out the best way to get there.


Oh, and did we mention that in the middle of all of this the Covid-19 global pandemic almost broke our economy - but it never broke Grovider's spirit. They were ready to power on through. And we were right there beside them - helping them refine their brand positioning, define their brand guidelines and make sure their message could break through all the noise of current events.

The Solution

From the first time we met with the co-founders of Grovider, it was clear they knew what they were all about. With a 360-degree discovery, of internal and external interviews we were able to validate their perceptions were the same as their clients. This process also cast a light on areas of strategic opportunity to refine their positioning as well as dimensionalize their brand.


Moving forward there was a new roadmap for success, a new positioning of the business, a formalized brand strategy and a documented set of brand guidelines.


With that in place, we helped them make adjustments to their website, create a dedicated page for DEI services, created and implemented three successful LinkedIn campaigns and wrote, produced and ran their first ever TV commercial supporting their new product launch for GroviderOnline. 


The Results


New LI Followers

(highest 1-month total for 2021)


Engagement Rate

(second highest 1-month total for 2021)


Page Views

(highest 1-month total for 2021)

Source:  LinkedIn company page analytics (2021)

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