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Creating a social media community by reinforcing
shared interests and mindsets

The Challenge

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As one of the premier powersport dealerships in the Northeast, North American Warhorse (NAW) serves a diverse type of rider across a wide-variety of brands. From street cruisers, to motocross, to ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft, how do you build a single online community that appeals to everyone with a personal connection between the person, the machine and the experience. 

The Solution

Finding that special connection between NAW and their customers relied on articulating the tie that binds a seemingly disparate group of powersport enthusiasts. We spoke with the executive leadership team, sales people, technicians, apparel managers. We were on-site, in the showroom, behind the scenes observing everything and everybody.

With 360-degree insights, we discovered the emotional similarity that draws people to individual powersport categories is not that different from one another. Within the NAW community, there is a shared belief that the freeness of your spirit is as boundless as it is untamed. That’s what pushes their competitive edge, their drive to perform, and their desire for adventure. These are the ones who let their "Free Spirits Ride Unbound..."

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The Results


Average FB post engagement rate


Increase in FB followers from Q4 2020 to Q1 2021


Organic Facebook posts impressions increase in Q1 2021

Source:  Facebook page analytics (April 2021)

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