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Calibrating marketing and advertising strategies
to align with the product strategy 

The Challenge

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Not every marketing strategy and advertising campaign is a home run. But when the Client and the Agency take the time to listen to one another and align with similar objectives for the business and the brand. Well, that's when magic happens.

At the time, Philips Consumer Electronics was a veritable unknown in the U.S. Yet, in the rest of the world, they were a big time player and innovator. When presented with an existing tag line that could not be altered or replaced and a "wow" product strategy, to most, it might have felt like both hands were tied behind their backs.


But, that's only if you are looking at the challenge of increasing awareness as a one dimensional problem.

The Solution

Learn the products. Understand meaningful drivers of consumer interest and purchase intent. Embrace what can't be changed and make it mean something in a new and compelling way. Then create an omni-channel, integrated campaign from the onset and not as an afterthought. Find ways to be synergistic online/offline. create UX pathways to better navigate a vast number of company websites and product content that reduces consumer clicks to purchase. Next, get ready for the U.S. campaign to global!

Image by Dario

The Results


Increase in brand awareness in 10-months


Average duration of branded microsite visit


Of those familiar with the ads like them a lot

*A part of  our team's collective wisdom, experiences, successes and passions obtained at other points along our professional journeys.

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