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Reenergizing the brand and business
to reverse 2-year negative sales trend

The Challenge


As a business, what do you do when the Founder passes away? It's hard and it's challenging and a lot of things go wrong before they eventually go right.


To move beyond this tragic moment in the company's history, it was critical to reconnect with customers, reassess priorities and rediscover their heart and soul.


The best way to infuse the dynamic personality of the Founder, Ruth Fertel, was to talk with employees and customers about their personal sense of loss. The process gave people a chance to share their feelings, and with that, a story unfolded that only Ruth could tell...

The Solution

Her story was that of a woman thriving in a man's world of steak houses with an environment of warm hospitality and a renewed focus on STEAK.  

With that, the brand was repositioned with Ruth's unmistakable sentiment of, "Life's too short to drink the house wine." 

With that level of clarity, the business and the brand were reconnected to the needs of customers and the spirit of the company's Founder.


The Results


Reversed 2-year

negative sales trend


Revenue growth from Direct Mail


Franchisee campaign utilization

*A part of  our team's collective wisdom, experiences, successes and passions obtained at other points along our professional journeys.

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