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Challenging national wireless providers
with $30m and the "Truth"

The Challenge

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When you're a regional business, it can be hard to be heard above your well-known and well-funded national competitors. Suncom Wireless found themselves in that position with the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others. To help them break through all the noise, they developed a unique positioning proposition where all taxes and fees were included in the advertised rate plans.


With "Truth in Wireless" approved on the business side, it was now marketing and advertising's job to turn up the volume and connect with consumers with the right plans, the right phones and the right messenger. Can you hear me now? You bet. 

The Solution

When it comes to telling the truth, your brand needs a spokesperson who people can believe. Harry Connick Jr. was just that person. He brought not only the charm and the warmth, but an honesty that was genuine.

When it comes to selling the truth, your business needs to have an omni-channel approach that offers pathways to purchase on digital platforms and brick-and-mortar locations. And, the promotional offers need to be coordinated the same online as they are in-store.


The Results


Online sales doubled in first month of website relaunch


Website generated more than 4x per month sales y-o-y


Per day average increase subscribers in first 8 months of Truth in Wireless campaign

*A part of  our team's collective wisdom, experiences, successes and passions obtained at other points along our professional journeys.

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