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Everything is AI'd AF. Now What? (part3)

Thank you for joining me on this initial exploration of creative development with #generative #AI. As a game-changing approach to business, the impact of artificial intelligence has diverse application across an entire organization.

Getting My Head Wrapped Around AI.

Unlike business improvement concepts of the past 20-30 years, such as Synergy, Change Management, Digital Transformation, etc., AI is different. It's a technology not a conceptual or strategic approach.

It doesn't require a company-wide shift in mindset to create positive change. AI can be utilized to solve specific problems or make improvements to more focused applications.

This dynamic aspect is one of the main reasons why it has become and will continue to be more pervasive in our work and personal lives. Actually, we've all been exposed to the benefits of AI and using in our everyday lives for quite some time. In that sense, it is more familiar than it is foe.

A New Creative Workflow.

As one who enjoys the creative process (particularly with writing), I entered this exploration with more than a few inherent biases. For me, there is a form of sadistic joy in the struggle to develop a "creative" solution for a communications, marketing or advertising challenge.

The notion that generative AI tools like ChatGPT-4, Midjourney and Pika, could conceivably yuck my yum, not to mention, possibly destroy my livelihood is a disheartening reality. In the spirit of facing one's fears, I took the AI creative plunge to see if all the hype is real and warranted, or is this just the newest tech du jour's gleaming moment that will eventually fade at the presence of the next new, big thing?

I decided to create a one-act play with ChatGPT-4. Something that I knew would take me a decent amount of time to scribble out a solid first draft. In a matter of seconds from submitting my prompt, an initial script appeared - complete with a working title, character names and personas, scene descriptions and stage direction. Obviously, it would require some tweaking and edits to get it to a point to be shared. But, OMG. The hype is real.

The same result played out when I moved to Midjourney where I used the character descriptions from ChatGPT-4 to create headshot images for each of the four main character in the one-act play. Here there was a small glitch in that all the images produced from gender-neutral descriptions were white males. Being more specific with new prompts corrected this situation and everything was good to go.

Next, I jumped over to Pika to generate a video snippet for a portion of one of the scenes from the script. Applying some of the prompting lessons from Midjourney, I was much more detailed. With a few rounds to get it more aligned with the script and character images I felt fairly confident with the end product.

The Big Take-Aways

This tech is pretty much everything that's been talked about and more. Especially considering it will only be getting stronger, faster, better over time.

With that in mind, here are few things to know and understand...

// Get involved and engaged with AI right now. At the very lease you need to be aware of how it works, what it can/can't do, and how this will impact you both professionally and personally.

// This will change your creative workflow. It will make it easier to get the creative juices flowing and quicker to get projects off the ground.

// New jobs will be created and others will go away. It's inevitable. And quite possibility, the value of this type of work will be recalibrated.

// Humanity will not be lost in the short-term, but it will be augmented. How can it not?

To the last point above, the potential of losing the humanity of our ideas to AI is as real as the current hype of AI.

If and when that is lost, more than likely it will be game over.


Until that day comes, game on!


If you have any questions about anything presented in this blog, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or via email @

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