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Happy One Year Anniversary (to us)

Forgetting an anniversary is usually not a good thing. For us, it’s a little different. We forgot our own company anniversary. Zoinks! Completely overlooked it.

It’s not even like we had it on our mind earlier in the year and then were like, “Oops. Sorry. Our bad.” This totally slipped our mind, and we didn’t think about it until 2.5 months after the fact.

But when you love what you do and you’re busy doing it, sometimes those things we think are a big deal, turn out to be not that big after all.

Having the Time of Our Professional Lives

For the record, we should have been celebrating in June. But, instead, we were having the time of our professional lives, helping companies and clients work through communication issues that are directly and/or indirectly related to the pandemic.

Charitable Endeavors

In the midst of all of that, we found ourselves launching a new internship program designed to offer support for college students and main street businesses. The Small Business Response Team was formed with help from Rutgers University, and throughout the summer, six businesses gained strategic and tactical marketing support from a team of //NKST professionals and interns.

Our Podcast Groove

We also kicked-off season two of the podcast, Brave Business Triumphs with new guests across multiple industries. Each one, having attained a certain level of success in business by going out and doing, by not being afraid to fail and by applying what they learned to the next project or endeavor they were involved in.

More People = More Talent

And, we expanded our core team of co-collaborators and co-conspirators. Jane Okkinga has joined us to spearhead our Small Business Response Team efforts. And our very first two Interns, Justin Dela Cruz and Tycjana Konopka.

Raise a Glass

With all that whirling of activity, we all look forward to meeting new people, sharing new ideas and learning new things from one another.

We invite you to raise a virtual glass with us as we continue moving forward…Here’s to creating an atmosphere of wide-open possibilities and discovering what challenges we're ready for next, um, //NKST. Cheers!


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