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How To Prepare For The Customer-in-Control World

The promises of a technology-driven economy have been fulfilled...

It’s our Customer-In-Control world – and, it’s here.

It’s a new age of consumerism where marketers believe they have found the Holy Grail of efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s also an era where customers believe heightened levels of transparency and immediacy give them the upper hand in the value equation of purchasing power and control.

Welcome to the new dynamic. One where both sides believe the advantage is theirs.

The reality of this silent conflict is that businesses who figure out that it is not a zero-sum game between them and their customers – organizations that incorporate a pervasive internal mindset to make things easier for their customers – companies who prioritize empowering their customers – they are the ones who will win.

It is now a counter-intuitive pathway to growth and profitability. To get there, companies must learn how to share control with customers rather than amassing it and holding onto it for themselves.

Are you and your organization ready to begin this type of transformation?

It starts with an honest and objective look across 6 key areas of your business: Vision, Integration, Growth, Markets, Resources and Culture.


Is there logic that ties long and short term together – is strategy/vision sound?What’s the ongoing process of testing/revising strategy? In what ways can business change over time?


How well is your vision integrated into the business?What’s your assessment of sales and revenue pipeline?


How does your business drive innovation?What opportunities are there to grow / scale business to adjacencies?


Points of parity, difference, opportunity. Where and how is value created? Is this clear and consistent?Opportunities / threats from competitors. Is there a level of awareness?Do you have good positions in good places? Why or why not? What are the main obstacles that impede success?


How do your investments support your business goals?How do you deploy / leverage available technology?


In what ways does the business work? What is the mind-set? In what ways are routines / culture important to business goals?How do customers fit within your current business mindset…if at all?

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface here, but you get the idea, right?

The Customer-In-Control mindset is a serious initiative that requires commitment and buy-in across your organization.

We know you’re ready and up to the challenge. Because the alternative is “business as usual.” And, in today’s environment, that’s a losing proposition.

Keep us posted on your progress. We would love to hear from you. And if you need assistance along the way, feel free to connect with us any time. We’re always happy to help.


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