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Our Obsessive Valentine

Love vs Obsession

As with many things in business and in life, there are fine lines between the equal and opposite forces that can determine success and failure. Think about it. There’s good and bad. Yin and yang. And yes, even love and obsession.

Whether energizing businesses for accelerated and sustained growth or creating powerful brands that are relatable and prized by customers, it's easy to lose our healthy balance between love and obsession.

Love is patient. Obsession is wild

Love is kind. Obsession is all in.

Love rejoices with truth. Obsession revels in exactitude.

Love always trusts and perseveres. Obsession always goes for it and gets it done.

Love never fails. Obsession never lets it die.

Somewhere in the out-of-bounds and the in-betweens of the two, the proper amount of both, love and obsession can be found. That right amount, is as different as each organization's internal cultures and the customer relationships they have cultivated over time.

In the pursuit of that perfect equilibrium between love and obsession, where do you and your organization stand? Understand, there are no incorrect answers. It’s a matter of degrees – and the temperature should always fluctuate between a loving warmth and hot, Hot, HOT!

For the team at //NKST, striking the proper levels of love and obsession requires a joint commitment and partnership with our clients in order to cut through operational silos and organizational red tape. We are at our best when we work seamlessly with our clients - with a shared vision for their business, their customers and their brand.

After all, we're all on the same side of the businesses and the brands we love. We simply need to practice the secret that makes all healthy relationships flourish – and that, is honesty.

What some may consider an obsession, others affectionately call love. At //NKST, we enjoy healthy doses of both - because sometimes it takes obsessive amounts of love to get the dirty jobs done.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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