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The Future Is Always Coming...

This is about the time we start seeing all the wonderful prognostications, the wild musings and the “wow” trends for the next year. You can be rest assured, it is all nothing but conjecture and speculation.

But here is something we at (//NKST) would like to offer that is absolute:

“The future is always coming.”

This is prophetic. It’s profound. And, it’s true. Better yet, the future belongs to each of us. It’s ownable. And, it’s ours to do what we want – but it all depends on how we view our future.

Future View I – It’s Scary

Some see the future as problematic – fraught with trepidation of uncertainty and the unknown. To a certain degree, this is understandable. It is good to be cautious, but not at the expense of relying on the status quo. Your business and your brand, like you, must always be advancing. Moving forward with the guiding force of dynamic stability.

Future View II – It’s Restorative

Others see the future as renewal – a time of rebirth and regeneration. A time to reboot the old with a new sense of purpose and urgency. Saying, “Yes” to new opportunities recognizes the spirit and openness to change. This is also good, but left unchecked, you and your organization might be caught in a swirl of activity and initiatives without a clear direction towards your collective goal.

Future View III – It's a Fresh Start

Still there are others who see the future as possibility – dreaming with their eyes wide open. Imagining a new way of doing things. A new way to see the goodness in people. And, a new way to attract opportunities that align with what you want to achieve. But without a plan and without action, the dream can quickly become a nightmare.

At //NKST, we see the future as boundless opportunity – focusing on growth sprung from creativity, personal data, technology and human nature. Listening, learning and sharing new ideas that bring the needs of the business, the brand and the consumer together.

In that sense, our difference is this…

We are a collective of growth-minded originals with different perspectives, helping other growth-minded originals with different perspectives. The visionaries. The outliers. The innovators. The ones in organizations who have bold ideas for massive growth. The ones with a desire to maintain a “human touch” in business. The ones who face complex challenges and realize they can’t get there on their own. We belong to them.

What’s Next

As another year is about to begin, we trust you will be busy like us - solving new problems, accepting new ideas and continuing to dream big while working smart. If we can do all that, 2020 is sure to be full of boundless opportunity for all of us.

Remember, the future is always coming.

How will you choose to see it?


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