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TU, RU. For a Shared Afternoon of Influence and Impact

Last week, a team from //NKST had the privilege to be a part of a panel discussion at Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information.

One of our main priorities was to make sure the topics and examples we discussed would be relevant, contemporary and meaningful to our audience. We wanted to give them something unexpected and share information they could carry forward.

Afterwards, on a beautiful fall evening, the team debriefed and recounted different highlights. What emerged was a wonderful collection of thoughts, insights and perspectives that were not only from us, but also from the students who attended and participated.

Here are just four of the disruptive technology topics we introduced, and that our captive audience jumped into to expand the debate to a broader context. Definitely something we were pleased and fortunate to be a part of that evening…

#trust: We as consumers inherently trust companies to do the right thing with our personal data. But companies who abuse our trust will be cast aside.

#conversationaltonality: One result from the spicy chicken sandwich kerfuffle this past summer was a demonstrated acceptance of “low-brow" tone-of-voice for brands to really take the gloves off with one another - especially on a platform like Twitter.

#termsofagreement: Does it even matter if we as consumers read the Terms of Agreement for an app, social platform, etc.? The company is going snag and use or sell our data for its own financial gain.

#therobotsarecoming: The robots are coming. Are you kidding us? The robots are already here. And, they are replacing humans in the work force.

In the truest sense, “thank you” Rutgers University students of the School of Communications and Information. It never fails to amaze us what can happen when we are out and about – opening ourselves to share what we know with others and learning by listening to new points of view.


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