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BOO! To You.

When the autumnal sky is streaked with a fiery glow

And the harvest moon is set ablaze

We see spirits of those who used to be among us

Haunting freely in a cold and misty haze

They call out to us ‘ere they roam,

Spewing their tales of fright

Beacons of warning and sirens of danger

Their appearance is a ghastly, unwanted site

They foretell of horrors and terrifying visions of the future

Ones that scare and taunt, and are sure to be

Unless those in the living can escape with their souls unscathed

All it takes is waking from their nightmare to once again see.

Come to the light and leave your status quo behind

It’s a customer-in-control world, that you truly seek

Free yourself from business-as-usual and you’ll see, your future isn’t nearly as bleak



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