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Make Sure Your Competitive Advantage Starts with Confidence

There's a lot to be said for confidence. Too much of it and you're an arrogant asshole. Not enough of it and you are pitifully ineffectual.

Perhaps that is why "fake it until you make it" is such a commonly accepted notion nowadays. But we both know that will only get you so far before reality sets in and slaps you in the face. That's why striking a proper balance is always key.

The type of confidence we're talking about comes from years of being in the game. From being battle-tested. Being bruised and broken. Being shaken-up and shaken-down. From finding one's character when looking into the abyss and seeing nothing staring back. From struggling to summon the courage to get back into the ring after you know how hard the punches are. From losing it all and still finding the nerve to start over. From being disciplined to know when to stand there and take it, when to cut and run, and when to push back with an equal and opposite force.

That's the type of confidence you rarely see anymore. And, that's the just the type of confidence //NKST brings to the board room every single time.

Our team's have developed and expressed stories with the power to re-energize old, tired businesses. Launch never before heard of brands. Push boundaries of disruption. And exceed projections of new product launches. 

Our people have been able to take on a giant theme park mouse, confront dinosaurs in financial services, battle entrenched leaders in technology, displace kings of consumer electronics, elevate the norms in healthcare and advance the cause of automotive excellence - and lived to tell about it.

But the most rewarding aspect for us is when we work with people who share in the belief that “safe” ideas are the riskiest things a brand and business can do. In that moment, our inner-challenger is once again reborn and the excitement that nothing is impossible is re-ignited. 

Here’s to creating an atmosphere of wide-open possibilities and self-reliance – one that helps you and your team know where to go next and how to make the necessary bold moves with confidence.

And, if that's not an initial competitive advantage for your business, we don't know what is.


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