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Starting Year 4 Finds Us Pushing Hard for More...

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Wow! Where does the time go – especially when you’re having fun. It’s almost impossible to believe that June 2022 marks the third year of //NKST a growth acceleration agency.

What’s the origins of //NKST?

As the Founder and CEO of //NKST, the origin has both a personal and professional meaning that runs deep. The initial idea came to me when I was in a place in my career where there were fewer and fewer good options, let alone attractive offers.

It was during a series of interviews for different positions I was asked numerous times, “what would you like to do next.” At first, I didn’t realize that was coded HR language for, “Thanks for playing, but, next…” Even after I caught on, I was amazed that I didn’t really have a good answer.

So, after giving that question a serious go-around in my head, the what’s next for me turned out to be, //NKST a growth acceleration agency. A dual platform. One for clients who need to know where to go next and make the necessary bold decisions with confidence., And for other like-minded professionals who have lived it, worked it and know how to stay in front of it.

What is a growth acceleration agency?

A lot of people ask me, what exactly is a growth acceleration agency. The best way for me to define it is, we are a new breed of strategic communications company at the nexus of business and brand. We are part strategic consultancy, part marketing agency, part PR and communications firm and part advertising agency.

Yes. We can cover a lot of ground. That’s because we are a cross-functional, high-performance team of former executive-level marketers, business and brand strategists, PR and communication professionals, creative directors, digital designers, copywriters, data scientists, content creators and entrepreneurs – all working together to offer an outside-in and inside-out perspective across a wide range of industries and brand categories.

To our clients, having our unique set of POVs at the table from a team who knows how to cut through the rhetoric and get to the reality of prioritizing growth changes everything. To us, it’s simply standard operating procedure.

What makes //NKST different?

Well, for starters, we focus on filling the void that exists between a relevant thought leader and extraneous data points. Between the industry king-pin and the new, rival disruptor. Between an always-be-closing Sales Team and an always-on Marketing Department. Between internal corporate values and external branded communications. Between Operational on-boarding and Human Resources recruitment. Between overall efficiency and overall effectiveness. Between safe ideas and risky business. Between the success of your company and the legacy of your brand.

More importantly, we are a collective of growth-minded originals who see things differently, helping the other growth-minded originals who see things differently. The visionaries. The outliers. The innovators. The ones in organizations who have bold ideas for change and the desire to mainstream a “human touch” in business – but face complex challenges to get there. We are here for them.

What’s next for //NKST?

So far, it feels like we’ve accomplished a great deal in a rather short period of time. In addition to the he work on behalf of our wonderful and diverse group of clients, we initiated a Small Business Response Team internship program during the first summer of Covid-19, our podcast, Brave Business Triumphs, is wrapping up season 3, our website was relaunched earlier this year, we’ve expanded our services to include PR and strategic communications and marketing automation/CRM platforms, and developed a CX Strategy executive leadership workshop session with the co-authors of the book, Woo, Wow and Win.

But there’s always more to do, and there’s a lot that is in the works. We’ve been toying with the development of a new speaker series, “//NKSTalk.” In addition, the podcast is being reformatted for season 4. This will be more of a talk-show approach with multiple guests at one time as well as guest hosts. It will also carry a bigger digital footprint as we include videos of each episode on our youtube channel.

All in all, in year 4 we’re more prepared than ever before. So, help us raise a glass and celebrate. Here’s to creating an atmosphere of wide-open possibilities and discovering what challenges we're up for next…err //NKST.

Thank you to all who have contributed along the way.

To everyone who has touched and helped //NKST work through our first three years, I want to express my eternal gratitude for all your help, participation and collaboration that has extended the vision and origin of a small idea. One that each of you have have helped expand into something much larger.


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