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What's Next, is //NKST: Our Story of Exploding the Box

Why Boxes in Business are Bad

First, let’s agree that unless you’re in the process of moving, boxes are not that useful.

Yes, boxes hold things. They hold things in. Hold things down. Hold things back. Boxes keep things separated. Keep things isolated. Keep things alone.

Truth be told, boxes are far more dangerous than they might appear. Boxes constrain lines of sight, conceal outside perspectives, shut out light and block growth.

Organizations that favor compartmentalizing people, partners and ideas needlessly run the risk of marginalizing their unique difference at precisely the time they need to maximize that difference in order to advance.

It’s a common scenario for many companies, but in today’s customer-in-control economy, this type of mistake can be tragic, if not fatal.

So, how did we get this far away from Kansas, Toto?

Why //NKST had to Blow-up Boxes

Have you ever had to contemplate “what’s next” in order to ensure your own professional and personal survival?

If you haven’t, imagine a perplexing combination of fear, exhilaration, adrenaline, apprehension, more fear, self-doubt, euphoria, commitment, reoccurring visions of grandeur/demise, gratitude and satisfaction.

Then, once you have “what’s next” mapped out in your head, putting it all together is akin to a hyper-critical strategic and creative process – which includes internal friction, input from people you trust and roughly a bajillion iterations of the original idea.

All of which are followed by action, more fear and then, even more action. It’s never exact, it’s never perfect, and it's never easy. But, the quest for what’s next never is.

Through this process, we explored a self-induced paradigm shift and reset everything to zero. The most intriguing take-away was this...what made agencies and consultancies successful in the past doesn't exist or isn’t necessary now.

In this new business reality, the concept of //NKST is the result of blowing up the boxes of traditional strategic consultancies and agency models (advertising, public relations, marketing, digital).

What is //NKST (really)?

The idea and working principle of //NKST operates on multiple levels. In the most simple form, it is a hybrid strategic marketing/brand consultancy and creative communication agency that is focused on the unmet demands of business growth.

The core of //NKST is a strategic and creative platform to foster an environment of business and brands working together, rather than operating as mutually exclusive parts of the same organization.

It is a center of excellence for business and brand growth that brings together select, cross-functional professional teams with 360-degree perspectives, diverse experience and contemporary skill-set expertise that are focused on a solutions-agnostic approach to get the job done.

Our people are a collective of former executive-level marketers, business and brand strategists, PR and communication professionals, creative directors, data scientists, content creators and entrepreneurs. Having this unique set of POVs at the table is our proof of concept. It opens new dialogues with our clients and enables collaborative exploration that solves problems.

Our high-performance team knows how to cut through the rhetoric and get to the reality of integrating customer experience, marketing, brand, communications and advertising to prioritize business growth. This approach changes everything.

Ultimately, the purpose of //NKST is to be recognized as a constant and continuous touchstone that organizations rely on when they need to know where to go next, and how to make the necessary bold moves with confidence.

If you’re a growth-focused professional who is stuck; relying on business-as-usual, trying to save your way to prosperity or simply need a sounding board for your big ideas for massive growth we’re here for you.

Let’s start a conversation and talk about what your next looks like with //NKST.



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