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The Top Three Challenges in Letting Go of Business-As-Usual Programs, Mindsets and Culture

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In our most recent article and blog post, we shared information about the need to recalibrate your POV related to employee experience, customer loyalty and brand affinity – All in an effort to help reset your vision for success and your organization’s direction for growth in our ever-evolving Customer-in-Control world.

Today, the future is coming faster and forever. It’s inevitable. That’s why the changes we are talking about are real-world, mission-critical opportunities to transform the trajectory of your business.

Three Challenges to Explore and Overcome

Whether you want to overtake the category leader or need to retain your king-of-the-mountain status, you and your team will need to let go of the business-as-usual measures that helped get you where you are today.

Our goal is to help you explore the three biggest challenges of taking on a company-wide initiative designed to proactively future-proof your business for an era of uncertainty.

The Challenge of Committing to Change and the Unknown

The majority of people do not enjoy the idea of change, let alone, having to undergo actual change. For the most part it comes down to collective and individual fears of the unknown.

We get it. If you and your organization aren’t all in, it can be scary AF, for everyone involved.

That’s why an executive-level commitment is vitally important – not only in funding the initiative, but being visably involved in the process and outwardly concerned for it’s success.

This includes a modeling motivation for all to see and understand that the program is a serious imperative for growth, not simply a corporate nice-to-have.

Executive and senior engagement in the program also goes a long way to reduce emotional levels of stress across the organization. Navigating the “unknowns” of change is far more palpable for rank-and-file employees when they see and realize they are not the only ones to actually change how they are doing things.

The Challenge of Articulating a Vision

Part of being serious about making sweeping changes to legacy processes, mindsets and corporate culture means 1.) having a crystal clear vision and 2.) being able to articulate that vision in simple terms throughout the organization.

In our experience, a leader’s/organization’s vision for the future must be grounded in three truths: Customer Truth, Corporate Truth and Brand Truth. That insightful understanding combined with financial goals will guide the development of an internal pathway to achieve your new vision.

The Challenge of Implementation Speed

When you reach the moment when you realize exactly who your company is, what your business stands for and where your organization needs to be in the future, you want to get started right away. That makes speed to market exponentially important.

Having said that, there is difference between speed to market and rushing due to impatience. Remember, change is inevitable – it will happen.

You and your team are taking all the proper steps to make sweeping changes meant to drive growth, inspire/attract great talent and prepare for future success. But, too much too fast might overload the system and discombobulate the program you’ve set in place.

Part of the process is identifying a pace for change that is right for your organization. As you get into it, there should also be built-in contingencies to accelerate or slow down the process depending on key criteria points that are unique to your organization and team members.

Next Steps

In our previous blog, we asked you to reconsider your definitions and how you approach, Employee Experience, Customer Loyalty and Brand Affinity.

With this blog we have shared 3 key challenges to overcome the necessity of change in order to grow.

Next time, we’ll explore specifics on “How” to organize and implement a proper plan for company-wide changes in legacy programs, mindsets and culture. It's all part of learning how to thrive in our Customer-in-Control World.

For more information and guidance on knowing where to go next and how to make the necessary bold moves with confidence, feel free to contact the team at //NKST a growth acceleration agency to arrange time for an initial conversation.



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